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Sevenstar has more than 40 years of experience in shipping luxury yachts. With the experience of yacht transport in hand and the support of the Spliethoff and BigLift fleet, Sevenstar knew all facets for excellent Exceptional Marine Transport were in house.

Managing Director Richard Klabbers, who has over 30 years of shipping (and sailing!) experience jumped into this world of EMT. With dedication and knowledge, Sevenstar EMT begun to ship River Cruisers and tugboats. Even more experience was gained and over the years Sevenstar EMT began to become a well-known name in the shipping industry.

Now, in 2020, Sevenstar EMT has a dedicated team of Engineers and Sales Agents all over the world. The team is still managed from the Headquarters in Amsterdam. Sevenstar EMT is now the biggest transporter of Exceptional Marine products and are expanding every single day.

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