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More and more ferries are being build and used all over the World. We are very pleased to be the dedicated transport party for a lot of shipyards. Due to our in-house knowledge, experience, and extensive materials we are the best transport party for the transport of your ferry.

In the beginning of 2021 we transported the Ferry Amazonas II from Palma de Mallorca to Vila do Conde, Brazil. The ferry will serve as passengers ferry between Iquitos and the Peruvian town of Santa Rosa in the border area of Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

Thank you for the excellent service provided in the fixture and transport of the Ferry Amazonas II. It has has been a long process that began in July 2020, delayed because of the Pandemic and other issues, but finally we completed the transport with the full support of Sevenstar EMT and the Spliethoff Group“.

Roberto Melgar – Chartering / Projects Development La Hanseática

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